God now offers you the greatest possible gift…eternal life in Christ! How foolish you would be to reject or neglect so wonderful a gift. Accept Christ now without delay!

b. Example 2. Now, let us consider a simple narrative from the Gospels. In Luke 8:41-48, we find the story of a woman who, after twelve years of chronic suffering, came to Christ and was immediately healed. She went away with a deep peace in her heart and mind.

Our text could be a phrase from verse 48: “GO IN PEACE.” (This could also be the title of your message!)


Surely every person desires to possess inner peace and security. There are many factors in life which may rob us of such peace. One of these is sickness. It is difficult to maintain inner peace when one is plagued by serious illness. The mind is filled with uncertainty and despair.          ·

Here is a story of just such a person. She had been sick for twelve years. Though she had visited many doctors, none had been able to help her. In fact, she even became worse.

Then one glorious day, she met Jesus Christ. Through this wonderful encounter, she was instantly healed of her long-standing sickness. She was also blessed with a deep sense of inner peace.

This same Jesus can also bless your life today. Let us look into this story, and discover how she received her healing – and how you too can be healed!


  1. She had been constantly ill for twelve years.
  2. She had spent all her money. Now she was penniless!
  3. She was disappointed and frustrated.
  4. She was tempted to despair. It seemed that none could help her. How typical she is of so many today who are lonely, frustrated and insecure.


  1. She heard what He had done for someone else.
  2. She determined that she, too, would seek His healing.
  3. She encouraged herself in faith. She said within herself: “If I can but touch the border of his garment, I shall be healed” (Mark 5:28).
  4. She overcame many obstacles.
  5. She came to Christ.
  6. She touched Him by faith.
  7. His life flowed into her. Immediately she was made whole!


  1. The disciples could not help her. They did not even know her need. There are times when no human being can help us. Only God is able to meet our deepest needs.
  2. Christ required her confession. “Who touched me?” He already knew who had touched Him, but He wanted her public confession. Romans 10:10 says: “With the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”
  3. Christ called her “daughter.” He accepted her as a member of God’s family.
  4. He told her to “Go in peace.” From that moment, she knew real peace. Uncertainty and anxiety were banished, and the peace of God filled her heart and mind.
  5. It was her faith which made her whole (Luke 8:48). God desires everyone to be whole: perfectly sound in spirit, soul and body.