She went away a transformed person. You too can be transformed if you come to Christ in faith!

  1. Summary

Practice dissecting and analyzing such incidents from the Bible. Try to discover the three main thoughts or sections of the story.

Once you have determined the three main thoughts, begin to analyze each of them separately and break them down into their component parts.

There may be four or five smaller truths within each main statement. Analyze the various parts. Get them into sequence and order. Then, arrange them progressively.

This is excellent practice for you. It may not come easily at first, but persevere. Determine to master it. After a while, it will become easy for you.

I often liken the construction of a sermon to the building of a house:

  • The introduction is like a path leading up to the house. It takes you from the front gate to the door by which you may enter.
  • Each main heading is like a room in the house.
  • The minor headings are the furnishings in each room.
  • Illustrations are windows built into each room to throw light on the furnishings in that room. (Illustrations are simple examples which help us to understand pro­found truths.)

Keep this analogy in mind when you are preparing your sermons.