Do not be robbed of the blessing of a complete foundation for your Christian life by thinking that God is pouring out His Spirit on just a select few in the full-time ministry. God’s command to “Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” is part of the normal Christian life for all believers:

“For the promise of the Holy Spirit is to and for you and your children, and to and for all that are far away, even to as many as the Lord our God invites and bids come to Himself” (Acts 2:39 – Amplified Bible).

Yes. God is indeed doing a new thing! Today, as you read these words, God wants to build THE ONLY FOUNDATION in your life. He invites you to Himself, to take the third step, and “Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” “The promise is for you.” Have you received it?


Is it not more important to consider what God thinks of you? He wants you, His child to be whole- fully equipped to meet the onslaught of the forces of darkness, fully empowered to live a completely victorious and Christ-honoring life. Can we respond to Him in any less than complete obedience and total abandonment to His will?


It shouldn’t. But the possibility cannot be ruled out. In this connection we should remember the words of Jesus, “Think not that have come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace but a sword” (Matthew 10:34).

Someone once remarked, “Do you not think any truth is divisive to those who reject it?” Ponder these words. And remember for many, many Christians the fullness of the Holy Spirit has led to warm fellowship with other believers in Christ they were never able to experience before.


Many have a false sense of modesty and decorum. We always want to be respectable. In the days of our Lord and the early Church it was not so. Wherever that early band of Spirit-filled, zealous witnesses went there were always riots or revivals! They found themselves beaten, stoned, imprisoned or carried along in the stream of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in revival blessing.

Mahatma Gandhi, known in India as the “Father of the Nation,” became zealous for a great cause – Indian freedom from British rule. He fasted, suffered, and toiled tirelessly for this. Three times he was imprisoned for long periods. He led delegations, demonstrations, and passive resistance. Come what may, he would not give up. Many of his followers joined him in prison. Finally, independence was granted.

Should we do less for Christ? Is the cause of Christ any less important? Let us examine anew our sense of values. Would to God that we be filled with renewed enthusiasm and zeal for our Lord.

Let us, then, he encouraged. God says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing now.” (Isaiah 43:19). The rivers of salvation are flowing into the dry desert. The waters of His Holy Spirit are being poured out on the wilderness. Allow God to build your life on THE ONLY FOUNDATION, for He wants you “for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit” (Ephesians 2:20).


“Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is . . . be filled with the Spirit.” (Ephesians 5:17,18)