As you read this article you may ask yourself if you are an evangelist. Here are some questions to help you prayerfully decide if God is calling you as an evangelist:


  1. Am I sure that the Lord has spoken to me by a calling, or within my spirit, that I am to be an evangelist?
  2. Do I often feel heaviness about the pain and hopeless state of people separated from Christ?
  3. Do thoughts of others living without Christ come to me frequently?
  4. Do I have a strong desire to tell others about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection?
  5. Do I have a hunger to study God’s Word to gain a deeper understanding of the Gospel?
  6. Do thoughts of men and women spending eternity in hell away from God affect me greatly?
  7. Do I feel an urgent need to preach to those who are not saved?
  8. Have I had dreams or visions in which I am preaching to the lost, which compel me to want to evangelize?
  9. Do I see practical areas of need that make me want to help others, so I can also introduce them to Jesus?
  10. Do I feel burdened when I meet other Christians who don’t think or care about reaching the unsaved with the message of Jesus?
  11. Is showing others the way to Christ most important to me?
  12. Have I made plans to preach or share with others the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ alone?

You may have answered “yes” to many of these questions. If so, it is very possible that God is calling you to the work of evangelism. This article will:

  • examine who the evangelist is;
  • discuss the nature of the evangelist’s work;
  • identify the evangelist and those with an evangelistic calling;
  • encourage, challenge and teach the evangelist;
  • help pastors to identify and encourage evangelists, be effective in evangelism themselves, and grow the Church by winning new believers;
  • give practical help in the practice of evangelism for leaders and their churches.

[Note: This article will use the terms “they”, “he” and “she” when speaking of the evangelist. Both men and women – now, and throughout history – have served in the role of evangelists and received callings from God to be evangelists.]


An evangelist is a man or woman chosen by God to spread the Good News (Gospel) of salvation through Jesus Christ. An evangelist is a speaker for God. He or she tells others about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior. The evangelist tells in words the story of Jesus and the purpose of His life, death and resurrection.

An evangelist, in other words, preaches the Gospel. There is no greater message to preach. The Gospel is “the power of God to salvation” (Rom 1:16).

The story of Jesus Christ includes how He came into the world; lived a perfect, sinless life; died on the Cross; rose up from the grave; and forever lives. The purpose of Jesus’ death was to take upon Himself God’s judgment for the sins of all people, and to destroy sin’s power. Jesus conquered death and defeated the devil and all of the powers of evil. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection bring hope to all people and take away fear.