2023 July Prayer Corps

No doubt we can agree that the days in which we live are challenging indeed. Values are radically declining, from the halls of governments to the common person on the street. Morals are breaking down, as people become more concerned with taking than giving. Ongoing corruption permeates all aspects of society, including education, politics, media and even family structures and personal identities – manipulating and deceiving people away from God.

As the Bible and its truths continue to be mocked and rejected (sometimes even in “the church”), those following this trend will certainly lose their way and fall into the death-traps of sin, self-dependence and selfish ambition.
Jesus fully understands our conflict and struggles during such times, and the temptation to either give in or give up. He was born in similar conditions, and confronted religious Pharisees, humanistic philosophies, governmental powers, rampant immorality and the worship of false gods. Of course, Jesus whole-heartedly rejected all of these agendas and deceptions. During His temptation in the wilderness, He even modeled for us how we can also confront demonic strategies and overcome (Mt 4:1-11).

In spite of all that Jesus faced, He steadfastly remained dependent upon Father God in everything. He chose the way of humility and the Cross, and fully embraced the journey God had for Him. Jesus remained faithful to the end, and thus, His death and resurrection opened the way for every one of us to enter into life with God, both now and eternally.

All of Who He is and what He has provided is why He alone is the answer to the world’s broken chaos and very lost condition.

It is vitally important in such days for us to remain faithful to the One Who gave His all for you and me, placing our full hope in Jesus and fulfilling His Kingdom purposes in this hour. As has always been true in the history of our race, people desperately need to encounter the living Son of God. And the primary way they will do that is by encountering you and me!

So today, decide in your heart to again put your full trust in the supremely capable hands of the King of kings. Let go of everything that concerns you, torments you, angers you, drives you or frightens you. Let go of all of that in order to more firmly grip the One Who has real authority, power, love, grace and wisdom. Even if you feel like all you can do is grip the hem of His garment, that will be enough for His power, life and the provision to be given unto you.

Then, with your freedom and all of His divine provision, you will be enabled to fulfill the path and calling He has purposed for you. You have been given to the Kingdom for such a time as this. So trust and obey, and keep pressing ahead in His victory!

1. Manipur State, India
Since early May, violence in this northeastern state has been escalating. The majority Meitei Hindus are attacking traditional Meitei Christian tribes. Hundreds of churches have been destroyed and thousands of people have been forced to flee to displacement camps. The current government is strongly dominated by the BJP party, which promotes violence against any group that is not Hindu. Thus, little is being done to stop the destruction and persecution.

Please pray:
  • For violence and persecution to cease. 
  • That the government would step in more aggressively to protect all Indian citizens.
  • For protection, wisdom and boldness for Christ-followers to continue to share the Gospel and not participate in the violence.
  • That other nations would exert righteous influence on India, to bring about just treatment of all the people.
  • For restoration and provision for the Christians who have lost so much; and for others to be prompted to give to and help them.
2. Sudan
Fighting and genocide is intensifying in Sudan as two paramilitary forces continue battling for domination. Sadly, the people of Sudan are the ones truly suffering. Negotiating teams from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have withdrawn after failing to bring the two factions together for resolution.
Please pray:
  • For the fighting to cease, and for both parties to withdraw their military forces.
  • For the more than 1 million Sudanese war refugees to be safely reunited with their families and provided for.
  • That believers in Jesus Christ will continue to share the Gospel in this Muslim-dominated nation.
  • That international aid of food, medicine and potable water will get to the refugee camps both inside and out of Sudan.
  • For Christ’s peace to reign over Sudan, and for the Spirit of God to bring repentance, revival and restoration to the nation, unto the glory of Jesus.
3. World MAP
Taking place this month (July 9-22) are two World MAP seminars for pastors in Zambia! We are expecting approximately 300 pastors and church leaders at each seminar, and believing God to do great things in our midst!

Please pray:
  • For heart preparation of the pastors and leaders, that they would come spiritually hungry and ready to receive, and would overcome any complacency, temptations, challenges or discouragement that would attempt to block them receiving all that God has for them.
  • For traveling mercies for the team, with safety and a smooth way to be opened for the long trip to Zambia, with no delays or complications.
  • For God to grant grace, strength, stamina and fresh anointing for Frank and the ministry team, including the translator who will be serving for both seminars.
  • For a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit, with signs, wonders, healings, deliverances and fresh anointing for every pastor present.
  • As you are led to pray by the Holy Spirit!
We are called to be both salt and light in our world. Come walk, live and rest in His presence, so that all can see and “realize that we have been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13).

Faithful with you,
Frank and Wendy Parrish,
World MAP