The Shepherd's Staff

The Shepherd’s Staff is a 1,000-page book of Spirit-filled training,
known to many as “a Bible School in a book” and it is been made available in 18 languages. 

The Shepherd’s Staff  is one of the most distributed and most requested pastoral training manuals in the world today. It is given FREE to church leaders in the poorest and most persecuted countries and so far, more than one million church leaders in 150 nations are using The Shepherd’s Staff!

This 1,000-page book contains:
• A New Believer’s Training Guide
• A concordance with key Bible topics
• And a vast supply of teaching articles to both equip the leader and help them to teach others


The Shepherd’s Staff



1. The Shepherd’s Staff is for International church leaders only/ NOT AVAILABLE in the U.S., Canada or other western nations. You must be a church leader (such as a pastor, reverend and evangelist) that lives and ministers in Asia, Africa, Latin America or Eastern Europe.

2. ONLY ONE (1) Shepherd’s Staff book is given per church. It is for the MAIN pastor/ reverend/ evangelist only (husband and wife must share a book). A “pastor/ reverend/ evangelist” is defined as a Christian who is the main pastor/ Bible teacher of a group of at least 15 people who meet weekly as a church.

3. We are NOT able to give a Shepherd’s Staff book to elders, Sunday school teachers, choir directors, youth leaders or other assistant leaders in the church. Books are NOT given to Bible school students, unless they are also the current head pastor of a church that meets weekly and has at least 15 people.