2023 August Prayer Corps

Three years is a long time. Yet, due to travel complications related to the pandemic, it had been just over 3 years since World MAP had been able to conduct in-country, in-person seminars for pastors.

Thankfully, we had developed “Skype-inars” and “Zoom-inars” to still teach pastors in the meantime. But as good as those were, it was still not quite the same as being together face to face. With a smile, I likened it to, “trying to eat a good sandwich through a screen door.”
A Plan Unfolds 

Yet the virtual seminars were still very fruitful. God is always faithful to help us find ways to overcome challenges when it involves Kingdom purposes!

One of our Skype-inars had been with pastors in Zambia. We had received overwhelmingly positive reports from these events. They were wonderful, Spirit-filled and powerful. So, after much prayer and discussion, we were greatly encouraged to consider this nation for our first in-person international seminars in 2023.

As we continued to take steps forward in prayer and planning, the doors were wide open and the confirmation of God’s Spirit was present. So the trip was confirmed! And from July 9-22, we traveled to Zambia and conducted two World MAP seminars in two separate cities.
The Stage Is Set
Zambia, like many African countries, has a blend of both tragic and beneficial history. In the last few decades, they have emerged from turmoil and difficulty to become a more stable and economically healthy nation.

Interesting to note is that Zambia had a pentecostal president in the past, which strongly boosted the growth of the church and the overall spiritual direction of the country. Their current president and government is also working hard to eradicate corruption and graft, and grow the infrastructure of the country.

There is a strong church presence, with many sincere Christ-followers in Zambia. Thus, the spiritual atmosphere is much less oppressive than many places where World MAP has traveled. You can sense the “open heaven” of less spiritual darkness. In other countries, we have faced far more spiritual warfare and people under the welcomed influence of false religions, fleshly pursuits, violence and demonic activity – sometimes even inside the church (2Tim 3:1-9).

So it was a tremendous joy and privilege to be with the Zambian people. We have rarely encountered such polite, peaceful and gracious men and women. It was evident that everywhere we turned, we were meeting fellow believers in Jesus Christ. What a difference there is when people love and serve the living God, welcoming His Word and presence into their lives!
Two Impactful Seminars
World MAP conducted Spiritual Renewal and Equipping seminars in the two cities of Chingola and Chililabombwe. They were well attended; but the highlight was the hunger and openness of the pastors and leaders to both the Word of God and His Spirit. And we know God responds to hunger for Him!

Each seminar was 3 full days, with four teaching sessions per day, and included lunch and tea breaks provided by World MAP. I taught on 3 foundational and essential topics: The Church and the Kingdom [what the Kingdom of God is, and how that should impact every pastor]; Making Authentic Disciples [working with God according to His biblical pattern for the Church]; and concluding with The Holy Spirit and His Anointing [Who He is, and the purpose of His anointing]. (Note: You may view the first two teachings on the World MAP website; the third is an in-depth teaching on the Holy Spirit currently in production.)

At the conclusion of the final teaching on Anointing, we had a ministry time to wait on the Lord and invite the Holy Spirit to refresh, refill and refire His beloved called ones. It is difficult to find words to describe the powerful impartation, deliverance, healing, freedom and infilling that takes place when God’s people humbly and openly welcome and receive the Holy Spirit! His desire is to empower the saints for the work of ministry. Oh, how we need Him in this hour!
Powerful Outcome
The pastors’ responses at both seminars to the teachings and ministry was overwhelming. We witnessed the Holy Spirit lifting their spiritual eyes, giving them a fresh vision of Jesus working with and through them to reach their communities, their nation and the world for Christ.

The sincere comments we heard numerous times from so many pastors confirmed that the Lord was doing a strong and profound work in their lives. We know this will bring a lasting impact for ministry fruitfulness, for His glory.

Of course, every attending pastor also received their very own copy of World MAP’s Shepherd Staff (our 1,000-page ministry training and teaching manual). This highly effective tool was graciously and excitedly received – many have waited years for their own copy!
Your Vital Part
This type of ministry only happens because God’s people have prayed and interceded. So thank you so very much for your prayers and continual support. Eternity will reveal how precious and important is has been.

However, may I also ask one more thing? The pastors in Zambia still need our prayers, now more than ever. There has been much seed planted, and we want that seed to grow to full fruition, for the glory of Jesus Christ.

So, over the next weeks and months, here is how you can join us in lifting them before the Lord:
Please pray:
• That every Bible truth they heard would be remembered, and not “stolen” by the enemy.
• For the fresh working and anointing of the Holy Spirit to be remembered, fostered and continually sought after by each pastor.
• That the new and renewed relationships that took place at the seminar would be protected, kept and used by the Lord to bring powerful, unstoppable unity.
• For the visions and gifts newly released by the Holy Spirit to be developed and led by Him unto great fruit for the Harvest.
• That every commitment made to the Lord in response to the workings of His Spirit and the Word of God would be sealed and honored by the pastors – grown within their hearts and ministries.
One Dark Encounter
One evening during the second seminar, we were taken on a two-hour roundtrip journey to the border of Zambia’s northern neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It was there that we witnessed a breath-takingly painful sight.

I have seen many nations and experienced many conditions. But this border crossing was beyond what I had ever been exposed to. There was a wretched hive of human despair, fear and a ravenous hunger for something – anything – that would give some hope or meaning in the midst of horrific human lostness and pain.

The result of decades of the worst of war, evil and human suffering was palpable. The dark oppression and heavy weight of suffering hung like a thick fog in the spiritual atmosphere. It was seen in the eyes of every person. It was heartbreaking and soul-wrenching.

Would you also join me in praying for the people of the DRC? Though conditions look hopeless … but God! We know, “where sin abounds, grace abounds much more” (Rom 5:20). May the grace, salvation and mercy of Jesus Christ be poured out in a nation-shaking, destiny-changing way for the DRC.
Our God is Faithful! It is not just what He does – it is Who He is! And our Faithful God enters in to everything truly done in the name of Jesus for the sake of His Kingdom.

It was a joy to know and experience firsthand His amazing faithfulness and grace toward those who believe and follow His Son. May that be your portion in the coming days as well, as we serve Him to our utmost, and rejoice in our faith in Him Who will never leave us nor forsake us!

By His faithful grace,
Dr. Frank and Wendy Parrish,
World MAP