The Shepherd's Staff

The Shepherd's Staff

More than 400,000 pastors use The Shepherd’s Staff in nations
where Christians are actively and violently persecuted. 

Matthew 19:14

The Shepherd’s Staff is a 1,000-page book of Spirit-filled training, known to many as “a Bible School in a book” and it is been made available in 18 languages. 

It is one of the most distributed and most requested pastoral training manuals in the world today. It is given FREE to church leaders in the poorest and most persecuted countries and so far, more than one million church leaders in 150 nations are using The Shepherd’s Staff!

This 1,000-page book contains:
• A New Believer’s Training Guide
• A concordance with key Bible topics
• And a vast supply of teaching articles to both equip the leader and help them to teach others

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